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Evolution Sofa Crimson Vibe (Sunbrella)

Evolution Sofa Crimson Vibe (Sunbrella)

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Evolution Sofa Crimson vibe

Evolution Sittesekk

Take the weight off your shoulders and enjoy stylish, ergonomic comfort. The beautiful Evolution Sofa (Deluxe) is waterproof yet incredibly soft. The elegant striped fabric is ideal for coastal waterfronts, marinas, 5-star hotels by the pools, and also modern living rooms. Welcome to your own personal cloud of a seat!

A stylish upgrade to our classic Evolution Sofa, this luxurious version takes designer seating to the next level. The new high seating positions make it easy to get in and out, while the proprietary internal elastic structure pampers you with superior support. With its high backrest and padded seats, this designer sofa will let you relax for hours.

The style here complements the functional with a beautiful fabric. And the smooth pockets are perfect for putting your iPhone in while you relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Relaxing by the hotel pool by the pool? Home cinema movies? Do you enjoy PlayStation for some serious gaming? Evolution Sofa (Deluxe) is in any case your best seat in the house.

Evolution Sofa Crimson vibe1
Evolution Sofa Crimson vibe2


  • Works equally well outdoors as indoors thanks to the water-repellent fabric
  • So light that even a child can carry it and therefore very mobile
  • Funnelweb Zip&Tip compatibility for easier filling of beads without mess to personal comfort level
  • The contour tubes provide a cleaner design


Whether you keep the furniture outside on the balcony, or inside the living room, Sunbrella is an excellent material. Sunbrella is both ultra-soft and durable. It withstands everything from storms to the children's resilient activities, while the soft furniture tempts everyone and anyone to take a nap.

Imagine for a moment that you replaced your furniture: What do you really want? A good selection of colours, minimalist design, durable textiles, and not least high comfort, is what most people want. Sunbrella ticks off all these needs, so you can relax with a clear conscience.

Dew, stains, mold, sunlight, or storm – no one can stop this material. If you want to invest in quality, Sunbrella is the choice for you!

easy clean

Easy to clean

Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean by using a clean, dry cloth and using mild soap and warm water.

weather resistant

Weather resistant

Sunbrella outdoor fabric is designed to withstand mother earth, as well as resist the harmful effects of exposure to sun, rain and moisture.

mold mildew resistant

Mold does not settle

All Sunbrella fabrics are resistant to mildew. Should exposure to dirt, debris, sunscreen, or other elements cause mold to develop, simply scrub clean with a bleach solution.

fade proof

Protected against fading and UV resistant

Stabilized UV and color pigment prevents Sunbrella fabrics from fading, as well as being damaged and destroyed by UV rays from the sun.

stain resistant

Safe from stains

Sunbrella fabrics are engineered with built-in stain resistance and a protective finish that won't wash away. It also resists any stain you or the kids put on it.

Meets BS5852 UK FR certification and is commercial grade suitable for cafes, bars, hotels, cinemas etc.

Material: 63% polyester, 37% acrylic

Weight: 275 gr. with TC support


Sunbrella Black Rock is the perfect black color for outdoor relaxation. This color is reminiscent of black stones, but is still not so dark that it becomes a heat magnet!


Dimensions of the Evolution Bean Bag:

Height 80 cm
Width 67 cm
Depth 80 cm


Evolution Sack Bag Filling

Refill instructions:

Evolution Seat bag takes approx. 300 liters of beans, but this can vary slightly depending on the filling mix. The product needs to be filled to the point where the base should be quite wiggly and slightly baggy, and the beads push up into the back when you sit to give you a very comfortable experience.

Step 1 :

Open the filling compartment located under the end of the beanbag cover (using a zip tool or paper clips) and pull the funnel tube from inside the product. Place the bag of beads on the tube, and lift the bag of beads so that the filling runs into the sack. As you do this, massage and pat the outside of the bean bag to make sure you work the beads into every corner.

Step 2 :

Leaving the funnel wall bag with beads still attached. Test the seat by pushing down with your hands to ensure that it sinks down considerably when you sit on it. You can then add or remove beads until the comfort level suits you, then pack the Funnelweb bag and close the opening of the duffel bag with the child-resistant zipper. Set any remaining pearls to one side as these can be zipped closed and stored for future topping as the pearl filling settles and compacts over time.


All of our Ambient Lounge textiles are of extremely high quality and built to last if you take good care of them. Here are some nice tips for   maintenance :

If threads in the seams come loose, just cut them off with scissors. Do not pull the strings. Dust is best removed by using a handheld vacuum cleaner. Avoid sharp objects such as rings, belt buckles, various toys, and rough handling, as threads can loosen. To avoid pale rucksacks, it is best to avoid direct sunlight. For safety reasons, it is advisable to store the furniture at least 50cm away from heat sources, such as ovens. In the first 3-6 months, the styrofoam beads may compress somewhat, and therefore additional filling may be required for the best result. This is quite common in rucksacks, and it is a good reason why you should use Premium pearls. Although it may be tempting, armrests and chair backs are not designed for sitting and should therefore be avoided if possible. To keep the duffle bag in good shape, you should shake and tap it a little after use, so that the beads can fall back into place.

Wash and Clean:

The good news is that all of our textiles can be washed on hot programs or hand washed in cold and lukewarm water. Please hang to dry after washing. Remove the pearls using the Funnelweb system before washing, and refill afterwards. To make maintenance easier, you can consider washing the specific stains with sprays and specially adapted kits for cleaning textiles.

Repairs and Warranty: 

Just like everything else in life, problems can arise. If the seams split or fray within a reasonable period of time, you should check with our Norwegian team whether this is covered by the guarantee. You can send a friendly email with pictures of the problem and your receipt to or call +47 35 10 27 8 5 . (Most minor flaws and torn seams are also easy to fix) 

Enjoy your relaxation with fjord and finds!


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