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Acoustic Lounge Sett Luscious gray

Acoustic Lounge Sett Luscious gray

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Acoustic Lounge Sett Luscious gray

Fjord and Finds® Acoustic Lounge

You will never go back to boring and uncomfortable furniture again. With Acoustic Lounge you get the best from several angles. First, Ambient Lounge's seating area brings you unsurpassed comfort, stylish design that will elevate the atmosphere of your living room, and furniture that is easier to carry than ever. These are all advantages that you can greatly appreciate!

Thanks to the double pearl filling in the funnel rooms, the sofa will keep its shape longer and withstand daily use much better. In addition, the internal, elastic Ambi-Spring ™ system provides additional support. Here you get quality and comfort in one and the same product. The furniture is also very mobile thanks to its light weight. Therefore, the bean bag does not have to have a fixed place, but can be used where it is needed.

Perhaps the Acoustic Lounge is best suited for younger people. Not only is the design modern and cool, but for those who move frequently, it's perfect with furniture that even the kids can carry! Let go of the unnecessary heavy, uncomfortable and expensive furniture. Instead choose Acoustic Lounge the next time you want nice furniture for your home!

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Acoustic Lounge Sett Luscious gray2


  • 2 x YKK zipper with safety features
  • The contour tubes provide a cleaner design
  • Double pearl filling of the funnel spaces means that the sofa keeps its shape even better
  • The fabric moves under the body for wonderful comfort
  • Funnelweb Zip&Tip compatibility for easier filling of beads without mess to personal comfort level
  • Individually sewn fabric panels
  • Internal elastic Ambi-Spring™ system provides excellent support and structured shape
  • So light that even a child can carry it and therefore very mobile
  • Square seam
  • Thickly padded cushions that withstand a shock and are very comfortable
  • Woven synthetic canvas fabric


Meets BS5852 UK FR certification and is commercial grade suitable for cafes, bars, hotels, cinemas etc.

Extremely soft and flexible on the surface, and supported with TC to give it extra strength and shape. Very thick padding to give you a better sitting experience.

63% polyester, 37% viscose, 560g weight with TC backing.


Gray doesn't have to be boring. With Luscious Grey, you get everything you could ask for in gray – relaxed shades, but at the same time an interesting interior object.


Dimensions of the Acoustic Sack Bag:

Height 80 cm
Width 80 cm
Depth 80 cm
Weight (cover) 3.7 kg

Dimensions of the Ottoman Sack Bag:

Height 30 cm
Width 65 cm
Depth 55 cm
Weight (cover) 1 kg


How to fill the duffel bags with our Zip & Tip system

It is recommended to fill an Acoustic Sack bag with around 350 liters of our Premium Perler (depending on personal comfort level).

Filling instructions: First note that there are two filling compartments for the Acoustic Sackoseck, one for the back and one for the plinth (seat group). It is recommended that the back room is filled nicely and tightly and the seating area is slightly more loosely filled for the best possible comfort and style. Always use the Ambient Lounge safety locking tool or paper clips to open the childproof safety zippers on the duffel bag cover.

Step 1 :

Open the back compartment and attach our refill bag securely to the back compartment. Unlock and flip over to let gravity do most of the work and empty out all the gems. Fill the back space as tightly as possible, so that the Acoustic Sack Bag is solid and supportive. To ensure that all beads are compact inside, you should shake and 'push' beads, so they can get in and behind the elastic supports. Staple the outer fabric to the bag so beans can move freely and move down into the compartment. Once it's stuffed tightly (so it doesn't get any more beads inside), close the inner bag and the zipper on the outside.

Step 2 :

Open the seating area and attach the Funnelweb bag with beads. Unlock and flip, letting gravity do most of the work. Keep the funnel wall attached, turn the sack over, and sit on it to test the fill levels that meet your personal comfort levels. When you are filled to the most comfortable level, you unwrap, close the inner bag, and zip it up on the outside. Store spare beads in a Funnelweb transport bag for refilling when the beads inevitably compress a little over time.


Ottoman holds approximately 150 liters of pearls, but this may vary slightly depending on the filling mix. The ottoman should be filled well enough to take out any folds, and leave the product firm, but with enough give for comfort.

Step 1 :

Open the childproof zipper located on the bottom of the ottoman, using the Ambient Lounge safety locking tool or paper clips. Pull the end of the funnel tube from the inside of the cover and attach it to the bag of beads with the matching black zip ties.

Step 2 :

Lift up the bag with filling, and let the beads pour into the cover. Gently pat the Ottoman to ensure that beads fill every part of the interior. Then carefully unwrap the bag of beads and set aside while you zip up the Ottoman. Set any remaining beads to one side as these can be zipped closed and stored for future filling as the bead filling settles and compacts over time.


All of our Ambient Lounge textiles are of extremely high quality and built to last if you take good care of them. Here are some nice tips for   maintenance :

If threads in the seams come loose, just cut them off with scissors. Do not pull the strings. Dust is best removed by using a handheld vacuum cleaner. Avoid sharp objects such as rings, belt buckles, various toys, and rough handling, as threads can loosen. To avoid pale rucksacks, it is best to avoid direct sunlight. For safety reasons, it is advisable to store the furniture at least 50cm away from heat sources, such as ovens. In the first 3-6 months, the styrofoam beads may compress somewhat, and therefore additional filling may be required for the best result. This is quite common in rucksacks, and it is a good reason why you should use Premium pearls. Although it may be tempting, armrests and chair backs are not designed for sitting and should therefore be avoided if possible. To keep the duffle bag in good shape, you should shake and tap it a little after use, so that the beads can fall back into place.

Wash and Clean:

The good news is that all of our textiles can be washed on hot programs or hand washed in cold and lukewarm water. Please hang to dry after washing. Remove the pearls using the Funnelweb system before washing, and refill afterwards. To make maintenance easier, you can consider washing the specific stains with sprays and specially adapted kits for cleaning textiles.

Repairs and Warranty: 

Just like everything else in life, problems can arise. If the seams split or fray within a reasonable period of time, you should check with our Norwegian team whether this is covered by the guarantee. You can send a friendly email with pictures of the problem and your receipt to or call +47 35 10 27 85. (Most minor flaws and torn seams are also easy to fix) 

Enjoy your relaxation with fjord and finds!



Acoustic Lounge allows you to relax in an absolutely optimal way. The comfortable and perfectly curved Acoustic Sofa is a pleasure for the back, while the Ottoman allows you to experience weightlessness. If you use an ottoman as a footstool, and lean back, you can feel how lovely you can actually feel in a pair of pieces of furniture!

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